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Blogger Recognition Award 

I’m really honoured to be nominated for this award by my favourite blogger, one who has inspired me in so many ways. 

Thanks JM

** JM author of

It just happened. Maybe out of boredom, I had nothing to do, so I installed WordPress and started writing and my blogging journey started. First day I found this very boring, but slowly slowly I started enjoying it. Interacting with fellow bloggers was the best part. 


UMM, It’s not even been a month, I started blogging so I’m still new and still not eligible not eligible to advice others.  I wonder just tell two things which I have learned till now. 

1. BE CONSISTENT – most important thing is this, no matter if you are not getting likes or comments, just keep writing for the love of writing and one day people will recognise you. 

2. INTERACT – Go to someone’s else blog, read their blog, appreciate if you like them, build your community. 

“I had to nominate 15 bloggers for this award but I’m not going to nominate anyone, everyone who writes is as good as others, writing to everyone is different ball game. Everyone here is damn good and number of followers or likes is definitely not a measure to consider someone good or bad. So for me every blog which I follow and every blogger who is following is worth this award and I just can’t nominate any 15.”
Once again thank you J.M for nominating me and big hugs to all my readers. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blogs and appreciating me. 
Thank you. 🙂