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In the end. 

​But darling, 
in the end, 
out of all the chaos
You will find  the peace. 

in the end, 
You will realise, 
Some questions 
are better unanswered. 
Life is unfair, 
And that’s fair. 

in the end, 
the keys of your happiness,
won’t have any duplicates. 
Out of nowhere,
you will find yourself 

And that end
Will be your new beginning. 

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Ever and forever. 

​You remind me of home, 
Of all the comfort I find there, 
My heart skips a beat, 
whenever I see you. 
You keep me wild, 
You keep me young, 
All I want is, you. 
Forever and ever. 

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Lost love 💔

One day, 
you’ll search me in this whole town,
You will realize, 
when days will be passed by.
When no one could, 
 love you as much as I.

Love sucks, 
when its only you
The one who gives,
 until they are blue. 

Love is powerful, 
love is strong,
But if its only you, 
you feel so lost and wrong.

It feels like sword in chest,
I think of you everyday.
For you, my emotions;
are true and strong. 

This burning torment, 
inside my heart,
Will never go away, 
will never part.

They say love is blind, 
they were not lying
I feel for her, 
now I think about dying
The pain and the loneliness,
 that’s my hell.

How am I supposed to, 
handle all of this sorrows?
For me, 
will there even be a tomorrow?

“I know that’s what people say– you’ll get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. Oh, youll be happy again, never fear. But you won’t forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the girl reminds you of her.”

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A day

Then one day. 
He decided, 
to leave everything behind
and start anew. 
To follow his heart, 
to break convention,
to fly high. 

That day. 
He discovered, 
Another person in himself. 
A rebel, 
Fierce and full of fire.

After that day. 
He blommed, 
Like a flower. 
Like a lion.
And acted like, 
His real self.
Which he lost, 
A long way back.

Maybe the journey isn’t much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who, you were meant to be in the first place.” 

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Baby unborn. 

You were meant to rise and shine, 
We killed you before you could shine and rise. 

Dear baby unborn, 
We never got the chance to meet, 
All we have of you, 
is a beautiful image, 
Of smiling you 
 in our mind. 

Forgive us if you can, 
For we can’t forgive ourselves. 
We wiped your tears, 
Before you could even shed them. 
You were the greatest Achievement of ours, 
Which we will never be able to celebrate. 

We took your life, 
What right we had?
How selfish we were?
We didn’t had choice, 
We did what we could. 
This world is mean, 
We fought but we lost. 
And now 
We regret. 

Dear baby unborn, 
What colour were your eyes, 
Do you look like mom or
like dad?
What would be your first words? 
All these questions, 
are killing us and
Pushing us to depression, 
You in the beginning, 
Was our only anti-depressant. 

One day, 
Dear baby unborn. 
We will meet in heaven. 
And there
We will have all the fun.
Till then 
Forgive us if you can. 

“Say yes to life not abortion.”

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Rain and you👫⛈️ 

On that rainy day, 
The day our car broke down 
in the middle of rain. 
Looking at the rain through window, 
You said, 
“I feel forever with you.”
And I told you 
“Forever is a lie, 
 Between hello and good bye is all we have.”
You opened the window, 
While enjoying the rain 
You replied, 
“A lie, a beautiful lie.
 I want to live a lie.
Trying to close the window, 
I  looked at you and said.
“Lies are painful, 
All it gives you is
 tears in the eyes, 
aches in the heart.
And nothing else.
Putting your hand on my face, 
Looking into my eyes, 
You said,
“All I want is you, a lie, 
and nothing else.”
And we went out of the car, 
Feeling the rain, 
Like I have never felt before. 
You came close to me, 
And whispered in my ear, 
“Don’t think, 
It complicates things. 
Just feel.”
And then, 
You hugged me, 
We laughed, 
We danced and
We kissed. 
And I thought, 
“LIFE is complicated, but it’s wonderful.”

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Little do you know

Little do you know, 
How much it hurts, 
those broken promises, 
and late night conversations. 

Little do you know, 
One touch of yours, 
Make cells inside my body twirls. 

Little do you know, 
My love knows no time. 
My heart is an open door, 
Waiting for the day, 
You may come by. 

Little do you know, 
Your eyes are fire, 
Your kisses revolution. 
And you are all
What I need. 

Little do you know, 
My heart is not ready 
To let you go. 
It still thinks of you, 
Wherever it goes.

Little do you know, 
I still think of you, 
When I’m thinking 
of nothing at all.
*Picture credit – Google*

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I wonder

I hope someday 
you’ll find an old picture of me, 
And there will be a feeling 
you thought you had forgotten. 

You will wonder, 
How I look now, 
I still love pizzas  more than myself. 
If I still write poetry. 

You will think of going through few of my poems if you haven’t deleted them already, 
Which I’m pretty sure you already did. 
Maybe you will wonder 
If I wonder about you.. 


I do wonder, 
If you still love your pyjamas more than anything else. 

Or if, 
You still go to “Our” favourite cafe. 
Which once used to be your favourite. 
I wonder, 
If that still is your favourite.

I wonder, 
If you still miss me, 
And one day you will come back to me, 
And we, 
As in “you” and “me” 
Will have my favourite pizza, 
wearing your favourite pyjamas. 

And then 
I wonder, 
If my thoughts still think 
you are mine. 
And I start wondering, 
If you still wonder about about me? 

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You will die anyway

​Dear me, 
Hope you are good, 
Oh you always are. 
Be full of love, 
The World is full of hate. 
Kill ego, not relationships. 
Your inner self and this world too. 
Give, not take, 
You will die anyway. 
Make mistakes, 
Travel far, 
Break rules, 
Plant trees, 
Dance, sing, write 
And read. 
Life is too short, 
Why take it seriously, 
You will die anyway. 
Write letters, give hugs. 
Appreciate more, complain less. 
Live life the way you want to. 
Have no regrets, 
You will die anyway.