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“He returned drunk again, she hid.”


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 “Sometimes we must make a choice, to take a chance, or our life will never change.”

As we grow up, we realize that life is no fairy tale and this world is a mean place. We learn that even the person that wasn’t supposed to hurt us or let us down, probably will. That’s what life is, unimaginable, unpredictable.  

You will fight with your best friend and become a complete stranger or maybe even fall in love with them. You will break someone’s heart, your heart will be broken by someone. You will be on cloud nine in one moment and another moment you will crying the hell out you. You will think you have a lot of time in life to things you want to do and suddenly you will realize you have no time to those things. 

Life comes with no second chances, no guarantees, no timeouts.  You have this one chance to live and you have to live life to the fullest. Click photographs, make memories, write letters, give gifts, tell someone what they mean to you, dance in the rain, read books, travel, give hugs, comfort a friend, laugh and smile until your face hurts.

Don’t be afraid to take chances, to fall in love and most importantly live in the moment,  because you have limited time. If there is even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life is too short and happiness is too rare. 

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

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A day

Then one day. 
He decided, 
to leave everything behind
and start anew. 
To follow his heart, 
to break convention,
to fly high. 

That day. 
He discovered, 
Another person in himself. 
A rebel, 
Fierce and full of fire.

After that day. 
He blommed, 
Like a flower. 
Like a lion.
And acted like, 
His real self.
Which he lost, 
A long way back.

Maybe the journey isn’t much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who, you were meant to be in the first place.” 

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Baby unborn. 

You were meant to rise and shine, 
We killed you before you could shine and rise. 

Dear baby unborn, 
We never got the chance to meet, 
All we have of you, 
is a beautiful image, 
Of smiling you 
 in our mind. 

Forgive us if you can, 
For we can’t forgive ourselves. 
We wiped your tears, 
Before you could even shed them. 
You were the greatest Achievement of ours, 
Which we will never be able to celebrate. 

We took your life, 
What right we had?
How selfish we were?
We didn’t had choice, 
We did what we could. 
This world is mean, 
We fought but we lost. 
And now 
We regret. 

Dear baby unborn, 
What colour were your eyes, 
Do you look like mom or
like dad?
What would be your first words? 
All these questions, 
are killing us and
Pushing us to depression, 
You in the beginning, 
Was our only anti-depressant. 

One day, 
Dear baby unborn. 
We will meet in heaven. 
And there
We will have all the fun.
Till then 
Forgive us if you can. 

“Say yes to life not abortion.”

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Dear India 

Dear India, 

Hope you are doing good, we are also doing very well. We know that recently you are going through difficult times and we are confident that you will overcome them and emerge victorious. 

You always have. Your struggles and victories inspires us. We know that we have hurt you many times, we have criticized you a lot. Irrespective of all hate and hurt, you have forgiven us all the time. Thank you for forgiving us for our immature behavior all the time. 

And let us assure you that irrespective of all the differences we have between us, we love you the most and that love is going only going to increase. 

We also know that you are not happy with us. The way we treat our girls worries you. You are also disappointed with the fact that the women’s are still not independent. But let me tell you that we are progressing and soon all the girls of our country will be independent. Be confident about that. 

We have collectively failed you many times, but you still care about us and love us. Thanks for all your caring. 

Be strong, be diverse. 

Hugs and more hugs. 



P.S Let’s meet for coffee someday, we have a lot to discuss.

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Our life is not made of hours, days or years. Our life is made of moments. 

MOMENT (n) A brief period of time. 

Yes, our life is made up of moments. It’s these small moments which make our life big. In our life we have experienced millions of moments. These are priceless because it lives with you forever and ever, no one can take them away from you. It’s yours exclusively.  

Said that we have already experienced millions of moments, and we will continue to experience millions more. How many moments do we remember, hold onto and cherish? 

In this quick paced life, where we want everything  really fast, where one click can lead you to the world of unlimited opportunities. In a time when life feels so stressed and rushed, how frequently do we take out the time and reflect upon those priceless moments, which shaped us into the way we are now.  Yes, it’s moment, which shapes our life. 

“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and something great will come of it.”

What a great quote. Those 20 seconds of courage today will become the determining moment of your life after a few years. It will shape you. Such is the importance of moments.Life happens in the moment.Learn to seize the moments, embrace them. You are made up of moments, remember them. Appreciate moments, for they are so significant

In the end, they are the only thing you will have. 

Share with me the moments which shaped your life. And yes smile please, this is your moment. Be happy. 

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Rain and you👫⛈️ 

On that rainy day, 
The day our car broke down 
in the middle of rain. 
Looking at the rain through window, 
You said, 
“I feel forever with you.”
And I told you 
“Forever is a lie, 
 Between hello and good bye is all we have.”
You opened the window, 
While enjoying the rain 
You replied, 
“A lie, a beautiful lie.
 I want to live a lie.
Trying to close the window, 
I  looked at you and said.
“Lies are painful, 
All it gives you is
 tears in the eyes, 
aches in the heart.
And nothing else.
Putting your hand on my face, 
Looking into my eyes, 
You said,
“All I want is you, a lie, 
and nothing else.”
And we went out of the car, 
Feeling the rain, 
Like I have never felt before. 
You came close to me, 
And whispered in my ear, 
“Don’t think, 
It complicates things. 
Just feel.”
And then, 
You hugged me, 
We laughed, 
We danced and
We kissed. 
And I thought, 
“LIFE is complicated, but it’s wonderful.”

Rain and life🌧️🌧️

(n)  a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. 

“Rain is life by 1000 cuts”

Maybe its the best thing in life, for me it definitely is. It makes me feel alive, it teaches me to enjoy the moment and be in present. 
The sound of rain, “drip-drop” soothes me. 
It showers my spirit and waters my soul. 

Whenever it rains, I leave all my work and make myself a cup of coffee and sit by window and watch rain. I listen to the rhythm of falling rain. And it’s the best thing you will ever do. Try it if you haven’t done it yet. Such peace of mind. It’s one of the best medicine in the planet to heal you psychologically. It cleanse your soul and heal your wound. Feel the rain. 

Rain undress my heart like nothing else. 
“Sometimes you win, 
Sometimes you lose,
Sometimes it rains”

I’m thankful for being a PLUVIOPHILE. 

What about you are you also you A PLUVIOPHILE?