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Things will get better 

“Hey am I speaking to Kevin.” 
“There was a car accident at Broadway an hour ago and we found three bodies and I’m sorry to inform you that one of the body was of your father’s.”

NUMB, n u m b, numb. 

I was 16,
When I lost my dad. 
On the birthday of my mom,
She died, when I was nine. 
I hated her when she died. 
I hated her that she left me all alone. 
But dad never let me feel alone. 
Now, that he is gone too
What am I suppose to do
I’m all alone, stranger to myself. 
Should I hate him too
For leaving me all alone 
in the middle of the sea. /I still hate him for that. 

Two girls,
Tried to molest me, 
When I was 19.
I went to my friends, 
To tell them what happened. 
“Damn it, two girls, you must have had fun.”
Numb, NUMB, n u m b. 
Thinking that, Mom and dad 
Was just a cut or jump away. 
I attempted suicide. 
But I was saved,
By a girl 
Aged 19. // the pain is still there, 

I’m 54 now, 
Both my daughters are getting 
Married tomorrow. 
They are happy, 
We. Are. Happy. 
I’m writing this for them 
So that 
They know, 
It gets better,
no matter, How bad it gets 
/// two times it didn’t get better one time it did. 

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Things I want to tell you. 

1. You are beautiful, no matter what people say about you. Always remember you are beautiful both from inside and outside. never ever doubt that.
2. Life is too short to begin the sentences with ‘If’ or ‘What if’.

  // Say things you always wanted to say, if you love them, tell them, don’t wait for the perfect time, perfect time is a non-existent entity. Say I love you often and always end the conversation on positive and happy note, there might be very much possibility that you may not talk to them again. Ever. 
3.  Fall in love with strangers. 

  /Share your naked truth with strangers, and if they talk to you after knowing your naked truth, believe me, you will be friends for a very long time, maybe forever. 
4. Treat heartbreak as comma and not as full stop. 

 // They say ‘time heals everything’ I don’t agree, I belive it’s not time but people who heals people over a period of time. 
5. Don’t take life seriously, but always take reading seriously. 

// read books, a lot of books, you don’t have to finish every book you start. Every book you read makes you a better version of yourself so Reading book is like having a software update. KEEP YOUR SYSTEM UPDATED ALWAYS. 
6. Travel. 

  /Not necessarily to far away places but travel. Explore your city, discover hideaway places, talk to older people and try to know their stories, once in a while visit café alone(take books with you obviously), read and observe people.

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In the end. 

​But darling, 
in the end, 
out of all the chaos
You will find  the peace. 

in the end, 
You will realise, 
Some questions 
are better unanswered. 
Life is unfair, 
And that’s fair. 

in the end, 
the keys of your happiness,
won’t have any duplicates. 
Out of nowhere,
you will find yourself 

And that end
Will be your new beginning. 

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**This is the excerpt from one of my favorite book which I wanted to share with all of you from a long time. Enjoy reading and do answer the question asked at last.”

Even though I’ve just met you, I believe we will be friends.

First, I will tell you something about me, then you can tell me something about you, as that, I believe, is how friendship works.

Here is something I believe: I believe that people don’t know how people work when they’re young and maybe that’s why we’re so reckless with each other when we’re young.

I think people think that people come and go, in and out of life and I think that school teaches them that, that life changes in big annual movements, that one year you’re this and the next, you’re that. But life blends into itself as you get older and you realise, you will watch a few, if not many, of your friends get old.

You will watch them lose their minds and their hair. You will watch them get sick and get better. You will watch them succeed and fail. You will watch them get married, get divorced, get pregnant and yes, eventually, you will watch them die. Or they will watch you die.

So this is what I believe friendship means. And I’m sorry to have to put such a heavy burden on you. But you have put the same burden on me.

Now you can tell me something you believe, as it is your turn, and this is how friendship works.

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An Empty Envelope (stories of non human) 

“Oh god, I’m nervous again. What kind of letter will they will put inside me. I hope it’s not a sad one.  I can’t see someone crying after opening me. God, that hurts. Please God, no sad letters. I want to carry happiness with me. I want spread happiness. In the world full of sadness, it’s amazing feeling to spread happiness. Fingers crossed. I hope it’s a happy letter this time.”
What you guys think,  must be going in the empty envelope? 

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Dear Diary #1

 People say one-sided love hurts, I know it does, but there is a bright side of this love.  You know you will never lose her, no break ups, no fights. 
Isn’t that wonderful?
 Love where you don’t expect anything in return. 
Joy of seeing a smile on her face is far bigger than the pain of her not loving me back. You know, I’ll be her best friend, I’ll be the person she can always rely on. I know I will be hurt, but at least I can make her smile. And I suppose that’s what true love is, to see the person you love smile, no matter what. 

“Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever.”

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Blogger Recognition Award 

I’m really honoured to be nominated for this award by my favourite blogger, one who has inspired me in so many ways. 

Thanks JM

** JM author of

It just happened. Maybe out of boredom, I had nothing to do, so I installed WordPress and started writing and my blogging journey started. First day I found this very boring, but slowly slowly I started enjoying it. Interacting with fellow bloggers was the best part. 


UMM, It’s not even been a month, I started blogging so I’m still new and still not eligible not eligible to advice others.  I wonder just tell two things which I have learned till now. 

1. BE CONSISTENT – most important thing is this, no matter if you are not getting likes or comments, just keep writing for the love of writing and one day people will recognise you. 

2. INTERACT – Go to someone’s else blog, read their blog, appreciate if you like them, build your community. 

“I had to nominate 15 bloggers for this award but I’m not going to nominate anyone, everyone who writes is as good as others, writing to everyone is different ball game. Everyone here is damn good and number of followers or likes is definitely not a measure to consider someone good or bad. So for me every blog which I follow and every blogger who is following is worth this award and I just can’t nominate any 15.”
Once again thank you J.M for nominating me and big hugs to all my readers. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blogs and appreciating me. 
Thank you. 🙂