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“…sometimes one feels freer speaking to a stranger than to people one knows. Why is that? Probably because a stranger sees us the way we are, not as he wishes to think we are.”

Strangers. We are taught not to talk to strangers, they can be the kidnappers or murderers. But I don’t believe in that. Every person in this world has stories, stories that make them who they are. We all are made up of stories, we are inspired from stories. Every stranger has a lot of things for us, countless lessons to be learned. The solutions to all of our problems and maybe the next best friend.

Recently I started talking to a person(stranger) Over mail, and slowly, slowly we kind of become close friends. There were so many things to learn from her, she taught me so many things. I was inspired by her battles and her battle’s start motivating me to do better in my life. I always believe that even the people you don’t know can transform your life. Everyone has a different perspective about life, and while you talk to strangers and listen to their perspective, the way you think about world starts changing, and you start becoming a better person.  
We need to realize that every person is going through or has gone through some problems, and listening to their problems surely helps us to conquer our problems. 

Some people are stronger than you can even imagine, and she is one of them. Most of the most valuable lessons I have learned, has come from strangers. 
As it says that, we need to break rules, to live freely, so let’s for once break this golden rule of childhood, “Remember, don’t talk to strangers.”
Forget that such rules, even exist, go out and talk to a stranger, and see your life changing. 
Each time you say hello to a stranger, your heart acknowledges over and over again that we are all family.                                

 This post is dedicated to her, I would love to be your friend forever, hopefully we will be friend forever.  Thanks for inspiring me. 
Share your experience of talking to a stranger, and if you wish to talk to me, mail me. (Check “about the author” page) 
Pic- Strangers by Blanca Gomez


37 thoughts on “Strangers. 

  1. That was such a nice post, yo!
    Sometimes I feel more comfortable talking to a stranger because then they give unbiased opinions, some are great listeners too and WP is one place where people of similar thinking also interact and share their experiences which makes me feel like a part of one big artistic family.
    But otherwise I wouldn’t do that in real life because of my introvert nature and also because you still get to know something in virtual world about a person but its not like that in real world and especially with the rise of crime, for all I know they could be creeps or even not but why take a chance!

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  2. I think you may be right about becoming friends with strangers, they do have something to teach us and vice versa. I think an online friendship is slightly different, we are all strangers to those who follow our blogs.

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  3. Great perspective! My husband loves talking to strangers for the same reason you stated right away, he likes unprecedented conversation. I totally agree that we need to talk and converse more with people and listen to one another’s stories! I have started, recently, engaging in conversations more with strangers and it just makes life more interesting. I also like to approach people I know, when they don’t see me, by calling attention to them and saying hello. Great post and thank you so much for visiting my blog, which led me to yours❤!

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