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Scribble – 2

Her 3 am conversation reduced to occasional text messages. 

There she learned a lesson, 

“People change, not time.”

“Maybe sometimes people did not actually change. Maybe you just never knew who they really were.”


32 thoughts on “Scribble – 2

      1. Umm best hurt. Maybe or maybe not. It hurts a little and sometimes a lot when you care about someone but you’re both kind of messy and the timing is all wrong
        and you don’t feel like kissing someone else
        but you can’t force what’s not and letting someone in is scary enough but even scarier
        when your heart isn’t as strong.


  1. Yeah and even when luckily you come across signs that show you their true colours, you discard it thinking nobody’s perfect until they begin to seem like a whole different person making you realise they might have changed to some extent but then this was a part of their true self that stayed concealed in your company!

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