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Baby unborn. 

You were meant to rise and shine, 
We killed you before you could shine and rise. 

Dear baby unborn, 
We never got the chance to meet, 
All we have of you, 
is a beautiful image, 
Of smiling you 
 in our mind. 

Forgive us if you can, 
For we can’t forgive ourselves. 
We wiped your tears, 
Before you could even shed them. 
You were the greatest Achievement of ours, 
Which we will never be able to celebrate. 

We took your life, 
What right we had?
How selfish we were?
We didn’t had choice, 
We did what we could. 
This world is mean, 
We fought but we lost. 
And now 
We regret. 

Dear baby unborn, 
What colour were your eyes, 
Do you look like mom or
like dad?
What would be your first words? 
All these questions, 
are killing us and
Pushing us to depression, 
You in the beginning, 
Was our only anti-depressant. 

One day, 
Dear baby unborn. 
We will meet in heaven. 
And there
We will have all the fun.
Till then 
Forgive us if you can. 

“Say yes to life not abortion.”


19 thoughts on “Baby unborn. 

      1. I think, role of society is the main reason. People fear society which clearly opposes the principle of society. Society was created to develop love b/w people but it’s creating fear and hate, which is very dangerous.

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