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Dear India 

Dear India, 

Hope you are doing good, we are also doing very well. We know that recently you are going through difficult times and we are confident that you will overcome them and emerge victorious. 

You always have. Your struggles and victories inspires us. We know that we have hurt you many times, we have criticized you a lot. Irrespective of all hate and hurt, you have forgiven us all the time. Thank you for forgiving us for our immature behavior all the time. 

And let us assure you that irrespective of all the differences we have between us, we love you the most and that love is going only going to increase. 

We also know that you are not happy with us. The way we treat our girls worries you. You are also disappointed with the fact that the women’s are still not independent. But let me tell you that we are progressing and soon all the girls of our country will be independent. Be confident about that. 

We have collectively failed you many times, but you still care about us and love us. Thanks for all your caring. 

Be strong, be diverse. 

Hugs and more hugs. 



P.S Let’s meet for coffee someday, we have a lot to discuss.


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