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Our life is not made of hours, days or years. Our life is made of moments. 

MOMENT (n) A brief period of time. 

Yes, our life is made up of moments. It’s these small moments which make our life big. In our life we have experienced millions of moments. These are priceless because it lives with you forever and ever, no one can take them away from you. It’s yours exclusively.  

Said that we have already experienced millions of moments, and we will continue to experience millions more. How many moments do we remember, hold onto and cherish? 

In this quick paced life, where we want everything  really fast, where one click can lead you to the world of unlimited opportunities. In a time when life feels so stressed and rushed, how frequently do we take out the time and reflect upon those priceless moments, which shaped us into the way we are now.  Yes, it’s moment, which shapes our life. 

“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and something great will come of it.”

What a great quote. Those 20 seconds of courage today will become the determining moment of your life after a few years. It will shape you. Such is the importance of moments.Life happens in the moment.Learn to seize the moments, embrace them. You are made up of moments, remember them. Appreciate moments, for they are so significant

In the end, they are the only thing you will have. 

Share with me the moments which shaped your life. And yes smile please, this is your moment. Be happy. 


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