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Rain and you👫⛈️ 

On that rainy day, 
The day our car broke down 
in the middle of rain. 
Looking at the rain through window, 
You said, 
“I feel forever with you.”
And I told you 
“Forever is a lie, 
 Between hello and good bye is all we have.”
You opened the window, 
While enjoying the rain 
You replied, 
“A lie, a beautiful lie.
 I want to live a lie.
Trying to close the window, 
I  looked at you and said.
“Lies are painful, 
All it gives you is
 tears in the eyes, 
aches in the heart.
And nothing else.
Putting your hand on my face, 
Looking into my eyes, 
You said,
“All I want is you, a lie, 
and nothing else.”
And we went out of the car, 
Feeling the rain, 
Like I have never felt before. 
You came close to me, 
And whispered in my ear, 
“Don’t think, 
It complicates things. 
Just feel.”
And then, 
You hugged me, 
We laughed, 
We danced and
We kissed. 
And I thought, 
“LIFE is complicated, but it’s wonderful.”


35 thoughts on “Rain and you👫⛈️ 

  1. Rain is just so beautiful…it brings out life and at times reminds of how complicated life can be by simply looking at each droplet..

    The poem is such a wonderful reminder of even the most noble of all intentions and feelings can be very complicated as well..

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  2. Wow! Each and every word was filled with a magic. It was just delightful to read this poem. And the words chosen was just amazing! A perfect combination of rain, love and lie. Maybe this is the first time I’ve seen lie being portrayed so positively and beautifully. Just awesome!

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  3. “Forever is a lie, 
     Between hello and good bye is all we have.”

    Reminds me of an affair I had in Community College when I told my lover we only had so much time together. It was no lie but the simple truth!

    Michael J, Philadelphia

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  4. Really enjoy reading your Poetry.
    They are easy to read and understand and are really touching. Romantic. Beautiful. Heartfelt.
    I am no Poet expert, but they seem to have a unique style to them.
    Quite pleasant to read.

    Not an avid follower of Poems or Poets. Just not something I am not drawn to. I guess they are sometimes hard to decipher, the message or meaning of them. Despite my few attempts to write them, simply because they just come to me.

    Neither here or there, it takes a talent to write them. A talent I lack and you have! 🙂

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  5. This is lovely. I love rainy days, we have had one in Melbourne today, very welcome. I wish I had sometone to dance with in the rain too. My lovely husband doesn’t dance, but he does hug, so perhaps that would do.

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