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I wonder

I hope someday 
you’ll find an old picture of me, 
And there will be a feeling 
you thought you had forgotten. 

You will wonder, 
How I look now, 
I still love pizzas  more than myself. 
If I still write poetry. 

You will think of going through few of my poems if you haven’t deleted them already, 
Which I’m pretty sure you already did. 
Maybe you will wonder 
If I wonder about you.. 


I do wonder, 
If you still love your pyjamas more than anything else. 

Or if, 
You still go to “Our” favourite cafe. 
Which once used to be your favourite. 
I wonder, 
If that still is your favourite.

I wonder, 
If you still miss me, 
And one day you will come back to me, 
And we, 
As in “you” and “me” 
Will have my favourite pizza, 
wearing your favourite pyjamas. 

And then 
I wonder, 
If my thoughts still think 
you are mine. 
And I start wondering, 
If you still wonder about about me? 


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