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You will die anyway

​Dear me, 
Hope you are good, 
Oh you always are. 
Be full of love, 
The World is full of hate. 
Kill ego, not relationships. 
Your inner self and this world too. 
Give, not take, 
You will die anyway. 
Make mistakes, 
Travel far, 
Break rules, 
Plant trees, 
Dance, sing, write 
And read. 
Life is too short, 
Why take it seriously, 
You will die anyway. 
Write letters, give hugs. 
Appreciate more, complain less. 
Live life the way you want to. 
Have no regrets, 
You will die anyway. 


5 thoughts on “You will die anyway

  1. No regrets here from living as opposed to surviving. I know what that is too, and have it tucked away for safe keeping just in case. Living life to the fullest, making change happen in my life when I feel it’s needed is easy when you know that we have been given the power of choice. I love to learn and grow, and happily take counsel from those who have written and spoke about their life experiences, setting a fine example for me to emulate. I love people for being themselves. Just because I may not always agree, I respect them for being transparent. I will die knowing that I have lived my highest and best life, making sure to leave something for those I know & love too. After all, you can’t take it with you, so give while in flesh. Nice poem, wonderful thought and focus piece. Thanks for sharing!

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